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International GEO/PEO (Global Employment Outsourcing/Professional Employer Organisation) is the model of resourcing where your chosen personnel are employed by a third party PEO in each country. As such you will not have to establish or maintain a foreign corporate entity to maintain such staff.

Why the PEO model works!

Time to market

Dramatically reduce the turnaround time in establishing a local presence in each country. The GEO/PEO model allows immediate (within days) deployment of staffing requirements locally, meet legislation/compliance without having to wait months in setting up local subsidiaries and applicable back office requirements.

Money Talks

Setting up/Shutting down local entities and the applicable legal/accounting/HR/Payroll elements can be expensive. Is there a need for a permanent presence? Increase revenue and respond to business/market demands by having agile and responsive resource deployment.

Compliance Kings

Do you even need to establish an entity in the relevant country? Each situation is unique and sometimes a permanent establishment is not the best solution. Having to manage local compliance across a range of jurisdictions is a Head Office's worst nightmare, outsource the risk, outsource the headache.

% Businesses are 50% less likely to go out of business one year to the next using the PEO model.
(NAPEO Whitepaper - The State of the PEO Industry 2016)

Contractor Vs Employee

Have the flexibility to engage each worker appropriately and legally. Permanent, Full Time, Part Time, Casuals, you name it, we have it covered, legally bound and remunerated according to local legislation. Don’t get caught out paying contractors illegally, ensure taxes/social payments are being withheld and paid, the penalties for getting it wrong are not worth the risk!

Best of all, you can attract, (migrate if need be) and keep permanent staff long term, The engagement and communication process can feel as and extension of your current business, linked to your brand and culture, as if they are an internal worker of your company. Happy, included workers are productive workers.

Eject Button

Like all expansion, plan for exiting a market if need be. The PEO model allows for minimum fuss when leaving a country and best of all is you avoid any close down of entities and the subsequent headaches and risks attached.

How does GEO/PEO work?

  • We holistically analyse your needs and guide you through options and in-country requirements. We’ll tell you the things you need to know, and not bore you with the details (unless you ask of course).
  • We build a relevant proposal and service agreement, including itemised breakdown of the so you know your ongoing total monthly costs. You can budget and decide accordingly, no lock in/long term contracts in play, we are as flexible as you need to be.
  • We sign you up and build relevant employment contracts for the worker(s). This is customisable and can include your company policies and procedures accordingly.
  • We on-board the worker using the approved employment contract, and any other company procedures/inductions and cultural requirements.
  • Where needed, we can provide local support and guidance to the worker and client. A curtesy call around FAQ’s, salary packaging options, ‘Employee Self Service’ training, expense management, cultural inclusion activities and much more.
  • We build Monthly Payroll/Invoices as scheduled, these are accurate, on-time and professional.
  • You have around the clock access to a dedicated payroll/HR manager to discuss bonuses/incentives/performances/ terminations and any other HR/ongoing employment items. No matter the time zone, we are available to support where need be. Again, ensure you are meeting local compliances at all times.
  • We provide extensive and customisable global reporting. We use leading and modern technology appropriate for each country and client. You have access to fully online, 24/7 report access.

Organize locally. Think regionally. Succeed globally

Value-Adds, increase worker satisfaction

  • Health, Disability and Life Insurance
  • Company Phones/Tablets/Laptops
  • Office Space/Hot Desks
  • Local Printing and Media Support
  • Relocation/Cultural inclusion Services
  • Travel and Expense management
  • Salary Packaging, Cars and More

Add Services, minimum fuss expansion!

  • Professional In-Country Recruitment
  • Visa/Migration
  • Global Payroll/HR Reporting Tools

We streamline the communication lines between payroll, employee and managers.

We offer a range of software solutions from our web based Employee Self Service (ESS) platform to HR and Onboarding and Timesheets/Invoicing software. We host, implement, manage and maintain our innovative tools and systems to provide a seamless process within your business.

Employee Self
Service (ESS)
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Clearing House
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Rostering & Time
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