Contractor Management
Outsourcing (CMO)

Our solution provides a flexible & dynamic workforce

If your company is seeking a workforce that is flexible & wants to avoid the shackles of hiring full time, then it is now possible with our Contractor Management Outsourcing (CMO) service offering. Contractor Management Outsourcing is a relatively new concept with in the Australian market, however the majority of international BIG businesses have been using this model for years!

What is Contractor Management Outsourcing (CMO)

We offer a hybrid and vendor neutral, third party workforce engagement solution that keeps your company at arm’s length and streamlines the way in which employees and contractors are engaged.

CMO Model

Under this model, we will become the Employer of Record for your temporary / casual / ad-hoc / contractor / contingent workforce. As the ‘legal employer’ we would engage your workforce as casual employees of our company and be responsible for the entire spectrum of employment responsibilities as governed by Fair Work Australia and the ATO including PAYG / Superannuation regulatory payments, as well as WorkCover and other associated insurances (public liability / professional indemnity).


Easy Payroll's successful GEO model

CMO Solution includes:

  • Complete insurance coverage:
    - Workers’ Compensation
    - Public Liability
    - Professional Indemnity
  • Workforce planning
  • End-to-end payroll processing
  • Employee engagement & on-boarding
  • Time capture (online timesheets)
  • Ongoing employee management and maintenance
  • On-boarding & temp to perm
  • Payroll funding (surcharge applies).
% of organisations now consider contingent workers as a key component of their long term labour strategy

The Key Benefits

  • We manage the 'employee lifecycle' from start-to-finish. The whole process!
  • We keep your engagement compliant and monitor industry and government changes to laws and regulations that may a ect your business.
  • We can provide payroll funding to protect your cash flow and to help grow your business.

We streamline the communication lines between payroll, employee and managers.

We offer a range of software solutions from our web based Employee Self Service (ESS) platform to HR and Onboarding and Timesheets/Invoicing software. We host, implement, manage and maintain our innovative tools and systems to provide a seamless process within your business.

Employee Self
Service (ESS)
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Clearing House
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Rostering & Time
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and Invoicing
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