Single Touch Payroll – June Update

STP, the home stretch, June 2018

We at Easy Payroll are committed to making the STP implementation and processing as seamless as possible for Clients to manage.

We are in the home stretch before the live commencement come July 1. The current (June 2018) requirements and what you ‘need to know’ is below.

Also note that Easy Payroll will be releasing and inviting clients to use our secure online communication/data management portal (Swiftfox Data) in the coming week or so (Around the 12th of June) which will:

  • Guide you through the final STP requirements
  • Begin the EOFY process and requirements
  • Update you on any other EOFY changes and options (Tax Rates, Super, Pay Rates etc)

To learn more about STP in general, please click here to see our introduction article.

Get ready for STP checklist

Currently the ATO recommends each employer to ‘go over’ the below checklist.

Easy Payroll have done the ground work here for you and provided the answers (in blue), requirements and guidance in blue where needed.

1. Speak to your payroll software provider:

  • Find out how your payroll software provider will offer STP reporting – this may be through an update to your existing software, or an additional service.
    Easy Payroll’s Software and Systems will be ready to provide compliant and accurate STP reporting direct to the ATO. The software will act as the ‘Auskey Owner’ (AO) and is backed and managed by our Payroll Services (as a Registered Agent). There will be a small change to the current payroll process to enable the authorisation process. See the workflow diagram below for more information.
  • Check if they have a deferred start date for your product.
    No, we do not have, or need a deferred start date for our product and service, we will be 100% STP ready for July 1.
  • Find out what support they will offer to their clients to transition to STP.
    We will continue to monitor, communicate and express any updates and requirements via our secure online platforms if/when changes occur.
  • Subscribe to their communications – this may be email, newsletter or web updates.
    No need, we will send these through to you, if you wish to add more contacts onto this portal please advise your Easy Payroll account manager to add contacts to the list.

2. Connect with us (ATO):  

3. Review your business processes:  

  • Make sure the right people in your business know about STP – especially your payroll staff.
    This release to clients and Easy Payroll processing staff is in full motion. As are the subsequent internal operating procedures and updates.
  • Check if you are paying your employees correctly.
    Easy Payroll already works closely with Employers to reflect, understand, calculate and pay accurate and compliant payroll conditions in an ongoing capacity.
  • Check if you are calculating your employees’ super entitlements correctly.
    Easy Payroll works closely with Employers to reflect, understand, calculate and pay accurate and compliant payroll conditions on an ongoing capacity.
  • Check if you are addressing overpayments correctly.
    Easy Payroll works closely with Employers to compliantly address any overpayments in accordance with legislation.
  • Is your employee information accurate, including names, addresses, date-of-birth records?
    We will revisit employee detail accuracy during the ‘EOFY/Preparation for STP review later this month.

4. Apply for more time if you need it:

  • If your software will be ready, but you won’t, you will need to apply to us for a deferred start date.
    Not Required
  • If your payroll software provider has a deferred start date, and you still need more time, you will need to apply for your own deferral.
    Not Required
  • Make sure you follow the ATO guidelines and provide all the evidence required. We only provide deferrals for extenuating circumstances.
    Not Required

5. Update your software when it is ready, and start reporting to us:  

  • We will help and support you through your first year of reporting.
  • It’s okay if you make a mistake – you will be able to make corrections.
  • The first year is a transition and penalties will generally not apply.
    Easy Payroll, via their software and systems will be reporting STP compliantly from the 1st of July onwards for applicable clients (20+ headcount and those 19or less who ‘opt in’.)As an example of how this workflow of data and the relevant authorisations, please see the below Easy Payroll outsourced model for STP data purposes.

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