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We have collated a list of our most commonly asked Payroll questions. If you still can't find the answers you are looking for, be sure to contact us and we would be more than happy to assist you.

Approx 15 years, Head office is based in Sydney, support offices for local state/country requirements in Perth, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia.
Yes, we provide a dedicated payroll manager who will be your key contact and fully responsible for the ENTIRE payroll process, including data entry and other duties. They have a direct email/phone for your to contact them if need be. We encourage calls and direct discussions for ease and promptness of service.
Approximate times: For clients up to 50 = 4 weeks. 50-200 = 6 weeks. 200-500 = 8 weeks. 500 + 12 weeks. Add/reduce 50% of time for extremes in complex/simple pay condition structures. We can cater for unique situations where you may have been left ‘high and dry’ or similar and fast track implementations where need be.
We would usually expect some support with data transfer from your existing system, usually exporting into a csv format or similar. Additional discussion/feedback with Award/EBA ‘interpretations’ if need be. Feedback of desired reporting/processes/localised training etc. Usually, approximately 2 hours of local support is needed for a client with around 100 staff for the entire implementation process.
Yes, we will get some previous payroll run data from your existing system (payslips/notes etc) and will attempt to reproduce the data and identify any inconsistencies. This is managed completely from our end and we will provide data to you (with subsequent notes) for your review (if you want, not required in a lot of cases).
There is no 'Payroll Officer' requirement at all, we do need some HR/Finance/Manager support for such items as:
  • Timesheet Approvals (if applicable), New Employee Forms, Salary Changes etc (HR)
  • Bonus/Commissions/Banking items if need be (Finance?) We estimate approx. 30 mins per pay run is required in HR/Finance resources to manage their subsequent payroll related tasks based on 100 employee headcount.

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