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Easy Payroll is STP Compliant

Easy Payroll is STP Compliant

To learn more about STP - click here to read our factsheet.

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We have a team of experienced payroll professionals

Easy Payroll manage ongoing tasks in an outsourced function to ensure daily/weekly/monthly payroll assignments and ongoing compliance is being met according to current legislation. The aim is to increase efficiencies, accuracy and reporting standards, while decreasing overall costs and risk associated with maintaining these functions in-house.

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We provide advice and guidance to ensure your compliant

Subscription Model
Our aim is to provide a simple HR solution to give employers piece of mind they’re maintaining the correct legislative data and following correct processes to manage the HR Cycle. Utilising templates, contracts, policies and guidelines backed by a specialist law firm gives employers and managers the knowleddge that they are reducing their risk of industrial or workplace related issues.

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Looking to expand into new worldwide markets

Easypayroll provides a variety of solutions for your expanding workforce. They include Professional Employment Outsourcing (PEO) and also referred to as Global Employment Outsourcing (GEO). These solutions benefit organisations that are not interested in directly hiring local employees, or do not have a local entity for direct employment.

We also specialise in Contractor Management Outsourcing (CMO). We manage a group of employees who work for an organisation on a non-permanent basis, also known as freelancers, independent professionals, temporary contract workers, independent contractors or consultants.

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It's simple process

Step 1

We provide you with full costs, start date and information required for on-boarding your employee.

Step 2

You sign a contract directly with Easypayroll Global Employment Services. We will then receive a monthly invoice for all payroll and fees.

Step 3

We provide a compliant employment contract for that local market while your employees continue to operate under your direction.

Step 4

We process your payroll monthly. This allows you to focus on your new market.

Our time zone is your time zone. We can be your global partner.

With a network of offices around the world, we are here to cover your global workforce management. With offices in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, China and Hong Kong, we provide a seamless extension to a variety of international clients by providing professional guidance in the ongoing employment and payroll of staff, in Australian and around the world.

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We streamline the communication lines between payroll, employee and managers.

We offer a range of software solutions from our web based Employee Self Service (ESS) platform to HR and Onboarding and Timesheets/Invoicing software. We host, implement, manage and maintain our innovative tools and systems to provide a seamless process within your business.

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